AI Scams: How Artificial Intelligence Could Be Used to Target Seniors

AI scams

AI is becoming increasingly accessible and sophisticated, giving scam artists opportunities to target seniors in new ways. AI algorithms can be used to generate realistic-looking calls, emails, and texts that can fool even the most tech-savvy seniors.

AI and Scams

A recent 60 Minutes segment detailed just how online scams might use AI to target seniors. In the piece, they detailed how scam artists could use AI-generated voices to call seniors and sound like a real person. The scammer would use this technology to build rapport with the person they are calling and make them more likely to fall prey to their demands.

Of course, AI is just a tool, and it can also be used to help prevent scams—for example, it could be used to monitor spending so that loved ones can see if their parents or grandparents have sent money to scammers. AI can also be used to detect suspicious emails or phone numbers that could indicate a scam is underway.

Becoming more familiar with what AI can do and how it can be used for scammers is an important step in helping protect seniors from scams. If you know what to look out for, you can stay safe.

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