About The Seniors Center

About The Seniors Center

As special interest groups have poured money into Washington and gained unprecedented influence over Washington, long term solutions to America’s problems have been sacrificed.  One of the most overwhelming problems facing our county is looming insolvency in the Social Security Trust Fund.

Since the early 1980s, Congress has transferred nearly $3 Trillion out of the Social Security Trust Fund and into the general treasury.  The money from the Social Security Trust Fund has masked massive budget deficits and has allowed Congress to fund pork barrel projects and special interest programs as well as all of the general expenses of the United States Government.

The Seniors Center blew the whistle on the looting of the Social Security Trust Fund.  Its 450,000 members lobby Congress and educate the American public about this critical issue and advocate for repayment of the funds that are owed to Social Security.

The Seniors Center also searches for constructive solutions to the most critical issues facing America’s senior citizens and offers educational programs about issues of importance to senior citizens.

About our President:  Dan Perrin

The Seniors Center maintains this blog to alert senior citizens to fraud and scams targeting the elderly.  We also maintain a policy-oriented website called TheSeniors.Center and have a very active community for The Seniors Center on Facebook.  If you’re into Twitter, check out our Twitter Feed at https://twitter.com/theseniorscent1. If you work for Google, you may be interested in our Google pages at http://the-seniors-center.business.site/ and https://plus.google.com/b/104584924579020545515/.  If For quick reference, TheSeniorsCenter.info has links to our entire community.