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Dan Perrin

Dan Perrin is president of The Seniors Center

Dan Perrin is President of The Seniors Center

As a nationally known policy leader on public debtsocial securityhealthcare, and seniors issues, Dan Perrin passionately leads a mission to educate the American public and inspire policymakers on issues that affect the retired people in the United States.

Throughout the last six years as President of The Seniors Center, Dan has built a successful grassroots movement of over half a million senior citizens who now have a voice to influence the government on social security and senior citizen issues. The Seniors Center focuses on securing the Social Security Trust Fund and has advocated for repayment of funds diverted from Social Security into the Federal Budget.

Formerly a United States Senate staff member for both the U.S. Committee on Foreign Relations and the U.S. Senate Steering Committee, Mr Perrin has had plenty of preparation when it comes to liaising with government officials. Along with being a registered lobbyist and civic leader, he is also president of the HSA Coalition.

Back in 1993, Dan founded HSA Insider where he was editor-in-chief and sole content contributor. While under his control, the site was the leading Health Savings Accounts website in the world.

Cover of Dan Perrin's book: America's Health Care Crisis Solved

Dan Perrin’s book changed the debate about medical care in America

His wrote what was considered the ‘bible’ of the HSA industry by insurers and bankers called HSA Road Rules, with 45,000 downloaded to date. He wrote America’s Health Care Crisis Solved: Money-Saving Solutions with Patrick Rooney, a 2008 book offering the smartest solution to America’s number one problem of health care, and he has written for reputable sites including The Hill and Red State.

Since Dan started answering questions from the public on Quora in 2017. He is now one of the the most viewed writers in relation to social security and health care topics on the site with hundreds of thousands of readers. He has been quoted numerous times in major daily newspapers such as the Los Angeles Times, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and TIME magazine.

Along with being active on Twitter and in a Senior Citizens Facebook community of over 7000 members, Dan publishes the TheSeniors.Center,  TheSeniorsCenter.BlogCouncilforRetirementSecurity.orgReformSSDINow.org, and KeepOurTrust.org websites. His Seniors Center blog focuses on informing and protecting senior citizens from fraud, scams, and tricks through education and awareness.

Dan Perrin graduated from the University of Massachusetts with a Bachelor of Arts degree minoring in Political Science. A father of six, he is a youth sport enthusiast and loves getting outdoors to go fishing or camping.

Further information can be found on Dan’s biography at TheSeniors.Center.