Fun with Social Security scammers!

With all of the depressing things going on in the world, it’s always important to take some time out and enjoy the simple pleasures of life…

…like listening to a Social Security scammer get a big bitter taste of his own medicine.

Phone scams and the number of phone scam victims is rising every year.  Thanks in large part to the “Social Security suspension” scam, thieves are pocketing millions of dollars cold-calling victims and threatening them into forking over their Social Security numbers.

But as this scam slowly touches every landline and cell phone in the United States, people are learning to play defense and ask questions before handing out personal information.

…They’re also learning how much fun it can be to waste scammers’ time, make them angry, and post the results on YouTube to give the rest of us some laughs.

To be clear, we don’t recommend ANYONE attempt to provoke or play around with a phone scammer.  When it comes to your safety, the best option is to hang up the phone, block the number, and report the call to the proper authorities.

However, this being the season of joy and merriment, we’d be remiss NOT to take a few minutes and warm our spirits to the soothing sounds of a scammer being scammed.  And then getting really, really mad about it.

Okay, so maybe chuckling about someone else’s frustrations doesn’t exactly line up with the “reason for the season,” but, hey.   Given the amount of damage these people cause, we’re not going to feel too bad about it.

Enjoy the laughs!

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