Court-Appointed “Guardians” Put Seniors In Assisted Living, Take Over Assets

The New Yorker has a devastating article about the Guardianship Business in Nevada where Court-appointed “guardians” are able to take control of the lives of older people, selling their assets and moving them into assisted living.

“The scheme is ingenious,” she told me. “How do you come up with a crime that literally none of the victims can articulate without sounding like they’re nuts? The same insane allegations keep surfacing from people who don’t know each other.”


  1. Very tragic indeed. These are “off-spring” who fail to realize a few basic facts of life and can only see their immediate needs…
    1. Without their parents support, they would have never made it to adult-hood, You WERE children once
    2. Without their parents support, they would have never achieved anything (we encouraged fully every step you took)
    3. Without their parents encouragement, winning would have been quite dull (we cheered you even when losing)
    To take what is truly not theirs because they can, it amoral, rude and just downright mean. To you adults, your parents owe you nothing more. It’s our time now. Just because “we” said NO to another $10,000 loan (of which you never repay) doesn’t mean we’re incompetent. It just means NO!!! To take memories and fit what you can into a small room and sell the rest to strangers is beyond despicable!!!…hopefully your children will reciprocate.


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