The Seniors Center President: “Social Security tax money should pay for Social Security…”

On Wednesday, The Seniors Center’s press release announced their nationwide petition drive to ask President Donald Trump to sign two Executive Orders preventing Social Security funds being used for anything but paying retirees’ benefits.


Dan Perrin, President of The Seniors Center, believes America’s seniors can no longer tolerate year after year of inadequate Social Security payments–and as we rapidly approach the day payroll taxes will no longer cover the cost of scheduled benefits, that it’s critical we reserve every penny for beneficiaries and beneficiaries only:

Social Security tax money should pay for Social Security, and not be spent on other things. ¬†Current Social Security taxes do not cover the cost of benefits, and it’s crucial that the Treasury repay.

The Seniors Center’s Save Social Security Petition asks President Trump to use his Executive Order to legally ensure Social Security income will be used strictly to pay the benefits of Social Security beneficiaries, and prevent Congress from using surpluses contained in the Trust Fund for general spending.

To read the complete press release and sign the Save Social Security Petition, visit right here.


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