‘Criminals Love Driver’s Licenses’—5 Reasons to Keep Your ID Safe

Your driver’s license can feel like a passport to everyday life. You probably make sure you never leave the house without it, and losing your ID can be a headache. But did you know that criminals could use your driver’s license for a multitude of scams?

The Most Common Driver’s License Scams

Losing your ID is just one way that scam artists can use your driver’s license. They can also use a photo or scan of your license to use your information. According to AARP, a few of the ways that fraudsters could use your ID include:

  • Giving it to police in the event that they’re arrested
  • Applying for credit cards or loans in your name
  • Creating fake IDs with your information that will scan just like the real thing
  • Renting apartments and signing up for utilities under your name without paying
  • Buying a car in your name

If you lose your ID, the best thing to do is to immediately report it. Contact your state’s motor vehicle agency to report a stolen ID, and contact the FTC if you think you’ve been a victim of identity theft. The sooner you act, the less time scam artists have to use your information.

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